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This Web page is dedicated to our Fort Donelson United Methodist Church Youth and their Leaders attending the Brandon Springs Summer Camp at Land Between the Lakes in Tennessee
August 21 - 23' 2015
Brandon Springs Group Center Land Between The Lakes.
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Friday - August 21' 2015

Let the adventure begin … as the kids begin to arrive Jessica takes immediate command.
The Girls seem to pack a little more but keep it nice and neat
The boys just sling a few things in a plastic bag and throw it over their shoulder and call it good.
Time to lay the law down and explain the rules…
Anyone Hungry? … Silly question … I've never met a kid that wasn't.
After dinner … time for play as the kids were split into various age groups
Time for Bible stories … let's learn about Daniel and the lions den.
Time for "Shake The Bag" Ice Cream … and what goes with Ice Cream … Cookies of course
Jessica's best imitation of the Cookie Monster
Let the water games begin
Whoops …. missed that one ….
The Uninvited Guest …. Gotta love camping in the big outdoors with every insect in the world trying to munch on you.

By the time lights out rolled around everyone was plenty tuckered out and ready for a good nights sleep. Tomorrow would bring a full day of fun activity.

Saturday - August 22' 2015

Sun rises over Brandon Springs Camp,
Land Between The Lakes, Tn.

Can you see a few clouds reflected in the water?

"This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it."
Psalms 118:24

This little guy was rejoicing too. Everyone has a purpose and from the looks of things this guy had been busy all night on his. Big or small we are all precious in our heavenly Father's eyes and are graced each day to have the opportunity to seek his purpose for us.
After Breakfast it was time for a group shot with everyone sporting their Brandon Springs T-Shirts. Just pause for a second and think of all the amazing potential captured in this one shot.
The story of Esther as told by Nadia using some very cooperative puppets. The kids loved it!
Speaking of potential … God has blessed each one of us with a talent … Be sure to find yours.
Just so no obstacles get in the way you can't handle we had the kids practice on the Obstacle Course to figure out ways to over come challenges together.
Teamwork and working together we get things done. Without it we struggle.
Snakes anyone? This is what is called a Rat Snake
Of course leave it to the kids to line up to hold this lovely creature.
My only thought was wondering if I was far enough away.
How about a nice afternoon swim? OR would you rather …
Tackle the dreaded Slip and Slide
Great Fun … but I think we need a bigger hill next time … I'll bet the kids agree with me :-)
Time for the "Regatta Construction" as the kids divide into various groups to compete to see who can build the most sea worth boat made out of only Cardboard and Duck Tape.
After viewing these designs I came away thinking the more duck tape the better. Once completed all the boats for each team were stored away until tomorrow morning when there will be a race held to see which one is the most sea worthy. I think we are still looking for volunteers to ride inside each one of these. Now we're talking about some real faith.

After dinner many visitors showed up from our church's congregation to join in some of the Saturday night activities including a visit from a very special person dressed as a Biblical character that you may recognize despite his clever disguise.
Pastor Webster served up a wonderful inspirational message and we all shared in Holy Communion together.thumb_IMG_2115_1024
What was most impressive was how many children came forth on their own to openly demonstrate their desire to give their lives to Jesus … Oh the example they set for us.

You would think by now the kids would be worn out but OH NO … they were still raring to go yet AGAIN. Let the evening festivities and games continue. No rest for the weary!
Not sure what this game was called but you basically have one balloon tied to one leg and everyone tries to pop everyone else balloon. Results were mass confusion and tons of fun
Nothing quite like trying to toss as many Cheetos as you can on your partners head covered with shaving cream.
Finally … we enjoyed S'mores around the campfire No respectable camping outing would be complete without this special moment etched into a child's memory. Great way to end a super busy but extraordinarily fun day. We had little problems getting the kids into bed at the end of this day and for some strange reason it was pretty quiet once the lights finally did go out.

Sunday - August 23' 2015

John The Babtist came calling early this morning

We learned from John 3:30 that "He must increase, but I must decrease" Remember to always be humble in all that you do and give the glory to God the way John The Baptist did.
Finally time to find out who will sink and who will prevail. Our 4 fearless Captains representing their teams marshaled at the starting line. And they are off …
Wait a minute … How do you turn this thing around ???
Our 4 combatants

Tips for next year … From left to right …

Fairly good boat design but not aero-dynamic, slow moving

Sturdy but too tall and tends to tip over

Excellent design, lots of duck tape, aero-dynamic but Captain needs more experience rowing

Aero-dynamic but faulty design causing center to collaspe

In the final analysis it always comes back to TEAMWORK.
You may not have designed the best boat but you may know just the right kind of push your partner needs.
Next it was canoeing … I stayed on shore where it was safe
Everyone did great once we explained you're not suppose to ram each others canoe lol
After all the morning activities it was time for lunch and then Graduation.
Every camper got the Super Hero Award
It's "Certified" and "Official" so it must be true!

By early afternoon everyone was saying their good-bye's and packing up for the return home. All the kids did an excellent job the entire time there taking turns and pitching in to clean up after each meal and all signed and qualified for the "Clean Jeans" award.
Mr. Clean Jeans himself

Nothing this special every happens in a vacuum and we want to say a special thanks to all the Staff at Brandon Springs Group Activity Center.
In the Kitchen … Left to right - Linda, Katie & Jamie
The amazing food was only surpassed by their cheerful and loving attitude
Kyle on the left and Richard on the right … these guys know their stuff!
I'm sure there were many others.

I can't express what a joy it was to be able to meet and get to know better many of my fellow Fort Donelson church members on this outing. Making good friends takes time and for those that take that time the reward is great. I wonder how many of the kids that attended saw their friendships grow and discovered sparks for new relationships during the last few days. Never stop making friends and be a friend to everyone you meet. You never know when that friend may become your super hero … in the mean time you can always count on the only real SUPERHERO that's always there … JESUS

Summer Camp is a great thing … made even better when you have Jesus the ultimate Super Hero in attendance. Trust me his presence was truly in this place and time.

——— These are the truly special people who really made this happen ——

Jessica, Katy, Leslie, Kara, Lisa, Candi, Chasity, Ryan, & Darren

Thanks to Pastor Robert and Victoria and to Pastor Don and Joanna in addition to all our Fort Donelson United Methodist Church members, especially those that came out for our Saturday night devotional or stopped by at other times to lead certain events.


and Yes … I took a long nap when I finally got home.