Day 2 - Saturday, Aug 20’ 2016

I'm not convinced anyone really slept last night but they were all bright eyed and ready to go for Day 2 anyway.
Mixture of Clouds and Sun with periodic rain predicted all day … but that wasn't going to stop us.

As the kids gathered and were waiting around for breakfast to be served I noticed an interesting contrast with the past and the future ….
While they seem to find these non working relics of the past fascinating and just couldn't imagine how anyone could put a dime in one of these and call people … really ??? No games or cameras for selfies and why are they so big and not portable?
They were more accustomed to these …
I guess this is progress … but it does give one pause to wonder where this is heading.
Maybe a camp without Smart phones might not be a bad idea but I doubt we'd survive the mutiny.

After breakfast time for our group shot.
First a fun and goofy one …
And then a more traditional one … and yes … it is truly impossible to take a picture of 30+ people and not find someone not looking at the camera or doing something else they would regret later …. and I had over 15 shots to pick from. I did the best I could lol.

Time for some pool time …
My favorite action shot of the day …
Of course … more is better.
Devotional … in the pool during a burst of heavenly rain. Amazing shot!
We can always stop what we're doing and give thanks and praise to God no matter what our circumstances.

Let's lighten things up with some slip and slide Kickball …
Looks like she is going to be OUT at first base ….
Skies cleared up for most of the afternoon.

Time to build our boats and select our captains for the Redneck Regatta tomorrow …
All you need are box cutters, cardboard and LOTS of Duct Tape.

After dinner … more fun and games …
When they said I could be Captain of my team I didn't know it meant humiliation.

And the games continue into the night …
Nothing more difficult than trying to swat a balloon around or into a basket.
Quit dragging me around …
Good form and throw ….

Day two in the books and it was good.

There was evening and there was morning, and the third day was upon us …

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