Day 3 - Sunday, Aug 21’ 2016

Finally a totally beautiful sunny warm summer day. Perfect time to have our Redneck Regatta race, fishing and do some canoeing.
The FANS were gathering early and getting their seats for the big race.

Brother Don had shared with us earlier how important it is that we realize we are not alone in our race through life. We have many fans with God of course being our biggest fan. Family, Friends and even the Angels in heaven are rooting us on to run the good race and to always do what is right.

The Teams ….
All worthy competitors

Line them up … and they are off …
Rough start for Wade but he didn't give up … He became his own boat … What a competitor.
These guys just don't quit …

And the Gold Medal goes to …
A true Champion … Didn't take on any water and the Captain stayed dry. Great Job!

It was a photo finish for Bronze and Silver …
Wade … pulls out the Bronze in the final stretch … look at those fans cheering them on.
Be thankful for all the friends in your life cheering you on.
Keep Jesus in your heart and always be a friend to have a friend.

What an exciting race ….. Let's try out hand at fishing now.

Some of these kids had never fished a day in their life but were eager to give it a try. We had expert fishermen and women on hand to show them how to do it and to keep the fishing poles untangled and supplied with plenty of bait.
Ski and Mitz provided expert advice and help.

AND THE RESULTS WERE AMAZING …. Take a look at the smiles on these faces and you'll know the results were PRICELESS!
I could go on and on but I just can't include all the fish pictures I took this day. I hope someone will help me out and post more pictures of any kids I missed on our Fort Donelson Memorial Methodist Church's Face book page so they can all get out there.

One final cautionary note about fishing …. This is why I don't fish.
The WAITING … and WAITING … and WAITING .. You've got to have patience to be a fisherman or fisherwoman.
Patience is also important in your walk with God. Remember to be patient and wait on God's timing as he knows what's best for us.
Expert navigation and there were no collisions … we did have one canoe overturn but a rescue was immediately mounted and end results were only a dip and a brief swim in the middle of the lake.

After lunch … All that was left to do was give out awards, clean up and head for home.
Now that's a medal we could all benefit from not only wearing around out neck but in our hearts
Some pretty sad and somber faces. Everyone had a great time and no one wanted to leave.
Summer Camp was over and tomorrow was a school day … I totally understand … oh wait that was over 50 years ago for me … I still understand.

Here's a neat story ….

As a footnote we had one young lady that lost a school class ring somewhere around the two picnic tables next to the pool yesterday during our swim time. It had still not shown up at the end of camp today and she was worried it was never to be found. As everyone was cleaning their dorms and getting ready to leave I took one last walk up to the pool area and did a walk around hoping to find the ring. Chance were pretty slim and that ring, as small as it was, could have been just about any where. Nevertheless, I knew the pain of losing a class ring myself as I had lost two of them from my high school days. I said a short prayer on my walk up to the pool asking God if the ring was there he'd help me find it. I walked around and around but nothing. Then I decided to grab each picnic table and slightly move it in case the ring had dropped to the ground and rolled under somewhere. I grabbed the first table and slid it some and there was nothing. Then as I was about to grab the second table and do the same I happened to glance down and there it was … lodged on a ledge between the wooden planks of the picnic table I was about to grab….. WOW!
Hidden in not so plain view …
Jordyn was pretty happy!

Of course not all our prayers are answer this quickly all the time but I was thrilled to find it with a little help from above.
More times than not our prayers take time … God's time to answer … but I'm glad he rushed this one through :-)

Of course none of this great fun and sharing of God's word to our youth happens by itself. It takes a TREMENDOUS amount of time to prepare and many many volunteers to carry it off successfully. Here are some very special people that made all this happen and made our time at Brandon Springs a time in our life we won't soon forget.
Top Left to Right … Darren, Donnie, Kara, Candice, Katy, Patrick.
Bottom Left to Right … Jessica and Lisa.
Linda, Katie, Jamie & JoAnn - Served the most excellent meals with LOVE
Aimee & Patrick … They made sure all our needs were met …

I sure hope I didn't miss any one ….. Special Thanks to Pastor Webster and Victoria as well as Brother Don and Joanna and to all our Church members who took the time to come at various times and events to help as well as attend our Saturday evening meal.

These have been words of mine …. voices in time.

See you all next year ….. Take Care!