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Wingstock is an annual Goldwing ride that occurs near Woodstock, Georgia for the Goldwing faithful. Having just returned from a road trip out west this was my first chance to get back out on the open road again with a mini road trip. This road trip would involve meeting some old and making some new Winger friends while enjoying some of great roads in Northern Georgia for a couple of days. Traveling solo again on this one but SO has promised me she would go on the next ride to see the fall colors with me next month.

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Thursday - Sept 13’ 2012

According to Charlie Daniels as the song goes the “Devil went down to Georgia” because he was behind collecting souls and figured he could gather a few quick ones by offering up a fiddle made of gold. Well, that wasn’t exactly my reason for traveling down that way. I was looking for gold in a way but the gold I was seeking was in the form of hidden treasures of curvy asphalt and I was willing to trade a little tire tread and time to locate it. Best way to do this was to seek out the old timers that live down this way and have them lead us to them. With that in mind I zipped quickly down I24 in Tennessee and made my way into Georgia on I75 before exiting the super slab. A motorcyclist can only take so much of the madness that occurs on America’s freeways. Figured I’d detour a bit and hit some of the good roads on the way down. It was the long way to get to Canton, Georgia where we were gathering but if you’re riding a Goldwing what’s the point of going anywhere in a straight line. I headed east on highway 71 bypass and over to highway 52 into Chadworth, Georgia and then up from there in elevation on highway 2/52 to Fort Mountain where I stopped an had lunch while checking out the scenery.
Highway 2/52 in Northern Georgia near Fort Mountain State Park.

Temps were excellent and with the humidity practically gone it was an exceptional day for cruising on the Wing. After exiting highway 2/52 I still had plenty of time to make Canton by evening so I headed north on highway 2/5/515 up through Blue Ridge and Blairsville before hitting highway 19 that would take me back south. Stopped in at Vogel State Park for a little break.
Vogel State Park
Vogel State Park. Nice place for a sit … but I prefer the saddle of the Wing.

After my break I proceeded on back down the hills and into the congestion and eventually rolled into Canton at the Best Western to join a few other Wingers that had started to arrive. Most of the group plan to arrive tomorrow but the few of us that are here early will probably gather up in the morning and take our first day ride around the area.

Resting tonight in Canton, Georgia

Friday - Sept 14’ 2012

Everyone that was here early formed up in the lobby and outside the motel next to the bikes in the am. We all headed out to our various destinations at various times suitable to everyone’s needs. Actually, I don’t think anyone had a particular destination in mind today other than just to find the finest curvy roads we could find in northern Georgia. I hooked up with Robert aka ROBWALL90 and Jeremy aka GA RAINMAN and we were on the back roads in no time heading north out of Canton, Georgia around mid morning.

To explain all the roads we went on today would an exercise in futility. Jeremy was from the local area and he did a masterful job of leading our ride composed of Robert and I through some amazing roads that it was obvious, early on in the ride, that he knew very very well. That made it an especially enjoyable ride for Robert and I since all we had to do was follow his lead and just kick back and enjoy. Jeremy is a very good rider and we maintained a pretty good clip through many of the twisties we tore up today. I think he held back some so as not to not leave Robert and I in the dust :-) but we still had a spirited ride and in no time we were up to Wolf Pen Gap where we first stopped for gas and a chat with a lot of the local riders that frequent these roads. Then it was off to Helen, Georgia for a lunch by the Chattahoochee River. Here’s a pic ..
Lunch … Down by the River

After lunch it was more and more twisties as we winded out way slowly back south. There was one stretch of road that did stand out today and that was a stretch along highway 60 between Morganton and Suches, Georgia. We popped into that stretch somewhere in-between those two points but what a great road that turned out to be. Here are a few more pics from today’s ride.
Beautiful! The moderate overcast and low temps made for a perfect riding day.

As we exited out of the backroad wilderness and onto I575 to head on back into Canton who should we see up ahead but a bright RED Goldwing and the rider wearing a bright yellow helmet. Hummmmm wonder who could that be … yes is was Paul aka TRIALSMAN who had just picked up his bike and was on his way back to he motel. It had a major redo to fix all the boo boos from his recent encounter with the pavement :-) What timing … we all motored back into the motel and gathered to discuss the days rides and to see Paul marvel over his newly restored Tomato :-)
Paul is in disbelief he actually got his bike back before tomorrow’s ride he’s leading.

We all had a great dinner together and chatted for a while before turning in all looking forward to tomorrows ride.

Saturday - Sept 15’ 2012

Today it was back to the well. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. With that in mind we hit some of the same roads and just mixed in a few new ones for good measure as Joe aka SLOWJOE was our ride leader today. Kickstands up at 8 a.m. for us. We had 5 wings and 1 trike in our group and there were two other group rides you could join depending on how much you wanted to stretch your skills.

Our ride was excellent and Joe did a great job. We even got a chance to practice a few u-turns to keep our skills sharp ;-) Here’s a shot of our crew at the Wolf Pen Gap gas mart. This place always has bikers hanging out because all the good roads seem to lead here and it’s a great jumping off point for all the other great roads in the area.
Wolf Pen Gap - Intersection of highway 60 and State Highway 180 which is also Wolf Pen Gap Road. This is in Suches, Georgia
From Left to Right Kit Carson, Old Fred, RobWall90, Bank-Shot & SlowJoe

After lunch Bank-Shot and Old Fred departed the ride. Bank-Shot was headed home early to a birthday party and Fred back to the motel early to meet some other friends. We said our good-byes and the rest of continued the ride. We headed back south and found some more good roads before stopping at the Georgia Veterans Memorial Cemetery off highway 20 west of Canton.
A powerful reminder of the sacrifices made that made possible the freedom we enjoy this day. May we never forget.

We rolled into the motel around 3:30 p.m. and took a short break before heading down to Traxxion in Woodstock, Georgia. Tonight was the Bar-B-Que at their place. Music, Stunt Riding, Good Food and a chance to relax …
Traxxion Facility in Woodstock, Georgia
Aaron Twite performing some pretty amazing stunts.
Zackbilly1’s incredibly modified Wing’s dashboard… Amazing what he has configured on his Wing.

My only question is …. Whose’s butt is that in the reflection :-0

After all was said and done many of us found ourselves back at the motel with a satisfied smile on our faces having enjoyed another great day. Thoughts now turn to home as every one will be heading out tomorrow, myself included, for that warm fuzzy place. Our thanks to Paul aka TRIALSMAN, Traxxion and those that lead rides. It was a fun time. Yes, there maybe wasn’t as many Wings here as in years pass but you know what … it’s not the quantity that counts but the quality of those that did come. Everyone I met here were very good people that had a genuine love of riding on two wheels.

I felt I was in good company the whole time and that speaks volumes

Sunday - Sept 16’ 2012

Homeward bound and I would be taking the most direct route home today. That would be only a half day of riding but I figured I’d had enough for this trip and would try and get home early enough to take in a little football action on TV this afternoon. I arrive home around mid day without any issues on the way. Probably around 1,100 miles total for this little mini road trip. I really enjoyed making some new friends while enjoying the northern Georgia roads. I will probably be back down to this neck of the woods some time in the future for sure.

Take Care


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