Part 3

Tuesday October 12’ 2010 - Day 23 “Scheduling” crept back into my life today ... the arch enemy of “Freedom”. Since the weather north still looked good we figure we would get up to Maryland to pop in and see my sister, Norma. After a few phones calls plans were made for the day that meant we had to be somewhere at a particular time etc. etc. etc..... I’m sure you know how scheduling works and what it leads to. Soooo we scurried up to Towson, Maryland where my sister lives getting there early afternoon and spent the remainder of the day visiting and getting a good dinner for a change. Always good to see family ... but ... no moss on this stone so we are back on the road tomorrow. Expecting some rain soon and will probably turn southward. Wednesday October 13’ 2010 - Day 24 We departed the Baltimore area fairly early morning after a night of discussing options on where to head and our feelings about the trip so far. With the weather not looking to good further North we decided a trip up to the North East would have to wait until next summer to give us best chance to avoid cold weather. To be honest being on the road day after day fending for a decent, quite, affordable motel and eating on the road is beginning to take it’s toll on both of us. I think last night’s meal and seeing family makes one long for the solace of their own home. It did us and with us planning another road trip on the bike out to California in about 3 weeks we started to figure out that going home for a few weeks before that makes sense rather than staying on the road straight thru. It pained me but with that we headed toward home which for us is Dover Tennessee. Cloudy skies and some rain today but nothing hit us and we were able to make it almost back to Tennessee border although not without a mishap. As fate would have it I made the fatal error of not being cautious enough during pre-flight warm up this morning prior to leaving the motel. I didn’t place my SPOT navigation device in the front glove box as I usually do and instead sat it on the handlebars temporarily. Of course, I forgot about it and it must have fallen from the bike as we rode off or soon there after. When we realized it was missing we were already far away. I called the motel but it was not to be found in the parking lot and I wasn’t about to drive back along the route looking for the pieces. First road trip with that device tagging along. Fortunately I purchase the replacement warranty so will have to see about getting it replaced. Sooooo my spotwalla web page will no longer show any updates of my position. We are resting in Abingdon, Virginia tonight and should be home by tomorrow evening. It’s been a great road trip and the most spontaneous one we have ever taken. As Forrest Gump said after he stopped running after running for years in the movie --> I’m pretty tired. I think I’ll go home now. ... I agree ... least for this road trip. I think I’ve damped my thirst for running the open road for a while and could use a rest myself. I think I just heard Yong breath a sigh of relief Thursday October 14’ 2010 - Day 25 We were greeted by rain this a.m. as we packed the bike for the final day trip home. No rain for the entire trip and it happens on the last day ... how appropriate. Once again we come out on the good end as it is moving East and we are moving West. By late morning we were out of it and the sun was coming out. Although slightly colder and windy it was all blue skies as we slowly traversed in to familiar surroundings as we neared Dover. Always so many emotions that flood through me when a road trip comes to and end. The greatest one for me is “gratitude” and it wells up inside me when I pull in to my drive way. 6,733 miles for this trip my longest to-date, and 201,751 miles on the bike and we are home safe. What a blessing. Guess it will take some time to figure out this retirement thing and how best to integrate it with my riding needs. For now I’m content to be home ... and oh yea ... it feels good but at the same time I miss the open road. What a conundrum. If you’ve been following me on my road trips on this web page keep it bookmarked as I plan to update my site to include many of my previous road trip stories and add new ones as they occur. Hope you enjoyed it and more importantly I hope you get out there and experience it too. I hope to be back on the road West to California in 3 to 4 weeks. Take Care .... Donnie Go to Top or Click here to return to Part 1 or to Part 2 … or go toHome Page

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