May 18th - 22nd of 2016

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Attending the Darkside Spring ride this year in Wise, Virginia has been a sober reminder of just how precious and fragile our lives are. There have been two incidents over here that have caused me great concern but at the same time reassures me of the great family of friends we all have in our fellow riders.

Onan (Gene) and Captron (Ronnie) both suffered setbacks this week with Gene going down in a turn and Ronnie suffering a seizure. We’ve always heard how God works in mysterious ways and I see his fingerprints all over what happened a few days ago with both incidents happening on the same day .. almost at the exact same time and within miles of each other. What are the odds?

Two different riding groups going in two different directions converged near Tazwell, Virginia at the northern end just exiting the Back of The Dragon (Highway 16) I was leading one group north on Highway 16 with (Monk) Bob behind me followed by (Onan) Gene bringing up the rear of our group. The other group of riders (Roadrunner1800) Allen, (Captron) Ronnie, (UncleJohn) John and Dennis (our token Harley rider lol) were heading south on 16 and just entering the Back of The Dragon.

As Bob and I came out of the twisties we noticed that Gene had fallen back out of sight so we pulled over at a Church parking lot to wait for him to catch up which is normal protocol. As we were waiting the other group came up the road and saw us there and decided to pull in and say hi. We talked for a while and then Bob, Dennis and I rode back up to look for Gene while the rest of the group remained at the Church. We found Gene up the road a ways heading back down and we were relieved to see him. However, after talking to him on the CB he explain he had gone down and some motorist had stopped and helped him up. We all pulled in to the Church parking lot and started to attend to Gene’s injuries which was pretty much road rash on his arm and about that time the other guys who had waited at the church explained that Ronnie was having a problem and was having a seizure. With the ambulance arriving thankfully shortly there after Ronnie was treated and taken by stretcher to a local community hospital and we continued to bandage Gene. Gene's riding gear and helmet really saved his butt. The other group took care of Ronnie’s Wing by contacting a local resident to leave his Wing there temporarily and then went to the hospital to check on him. Bob, Gene and I headed back to the motel. Amazingly Gene’s bike was ridable.

After arriving back at the motel and discussing and reflecting on what just happen it was quickly realized that if Gene had not gone down when he did and we didn’t pull into that church to wait for him the other riding group that contained Ronnie would have never stopped and they would have been on the Back of The Dragon riding when Ronnie had his seizure. Because they stopped his seizure occurred when they were stopped. WOW … As far as I’m concerned that may have saved Ronnie’s life. I can’t imagine what might have happened if he had his seizure while riding those turns on the Back of The Dragon.

Ronnie has since been transported to Roanoke Virginia to get better care and from what I understand his wife is flying in today to be with him. The guys went up yesterday and got his Wing back to the motel and have coordinated a buddies of his to come by in the following days and load it up on a hauler to get it home. Allen has informed us that Ronnie is still not doing very well and they are still treating him.

Please keep Ronnie and his family in your prayers and we all hope he has a full recovery. If anyone else has any updates please post them here. Gene is doing fine (he’s a tough old bird) and is going to ride back home to Missouri today.

What a terrible day but I really feel it was a great day for Ronnie in many ways that we can’t fully appreciate yet. He’s alive and I personally thank God for that. What an amazing set of circumstance came together to make that so.

Rain is moving out today and we are going to enjoy another day here before the rest of us head back to our homes.

There was a lighter side to all this and that was we all got a chance to see UncleJohn ride Bi**h. We even got a picture. Sorry John … I just couldn’t resist posting this pictures of you on the backseat of a Wing. I’ve also included a few other pictures from this miraculous day.

Never stop appreciating every single day you're above ground.

Let's be careful out there!!!!


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