Saturday, Oct 14, 2018 to when - TBD

Tears ... I have to admit I cried a lot and often when I had a chance to think about things when it got quiet. It was pretty dark in my new world and I couldn't pray or find the right words to even say. It didn't make sense to me and didn't seem fair. What purpose could this serve and why me? I thought back to the event and the things leading up to it. I was at a lost and then I started to realize gradually that even though I had the stroke God was there through it all. There were unbelievable blessing sprinkled throughout that event and my recovery despite my ill will I thought. I was still here and I was alive. My pride was hurt and I was severely humbled for sure but for what? I wasn't eager to find out at this point in time and God wasn't ready to share it. That was good enough for me. I would have to continue praying for understanding,

I introduce myself and spoke nice to everyone I mean this was my new family after-all. I made friends with everyone and took time to learn about their lives and jobs. Any one who spent 1/3 of their life dedicated to helping others already have a feather in their cap as far as I was concerned. Nurses were either male or female but most were female. I wish I could remember all their wonderful names. Thankless jobs yet most all had an undeniable quality of dignity about themselves and were always in good spirits. Too bad many of the patients weren’t easier to care for. Many needed much more attention and were very difficult to deal with. I wasn’t one of them .... Thank God I could recover.

So after a few days I was able to persuade some of them to lighten up of some the controls. i.e. the bed alarm and the ever annoying wheelchair alarm. They realized I was on their side, although one or two didn’t get the word, things were getting better.

Russ made my primary goals clear from the start with this drawing.
During his visit on my white board - Goldwing . Pretty good!
IMG_6777 2
Jim (Arizona16) and Candie stop in for visit
These are my kids and best friend Russ.
David returned to duty and Yong is readying the house.

Met with initial Doctor and heard my schedule. Physical Therapy scheduled 30 minute intervals M-F morning and afternoon. The only thing I wanted to hear was - that if I progressed enough and didn't have any setbacks I might leave after a 30 day stay.

Target Set …. Standby …