Saturday, Oct 14, 2018 to when - TBD

Rehab for real.

I met my rehabilitation team for the month. The team that works with you as you transition back to the real world. These are special people indeed. They were the teachers and I was a beginning pupil. I had to learn what I could no longer accomplish on my own as hard as it was to accept. They gave me the fundamentals to begin to rebuild my life when it was all I could do to just get out of bed each morning.
This was Nate and Vanessa. He was my Physical Therapist and she was my Occupational Therapist.
The one in the wheelchair is me ;-) It was tough for me to be in wheelchair for a month but …I made the best of it!

I also had a Communications Therapist, Holly, who evaluated my speech and reasoning. Yes, to some that last one may seem like a stretch but I too had the ability to reason at least before the stroke even though many think not ;-)

I spent each day with Holly, Nate and Vanessa and we become good friends. That's pretty good when you can say that about people after such a short time. They were good people. There were many others trainers and helpers all of which made for a winning team. Including swimming once a week i got to do with Kathy

Everybody had a wonderful attitude and took a genuine interest in every facet of getting patients back to normal life. You would spend 30 minutes with them throughout the day working on identifying your weakness and learning ways to compensate. I thought 30 minutes was too little but I quickly learned 30 minutes was all our weak muscles could handle at a time before they would give out.

I learn by trying out a lot of different equipment and listening when they talked. They knew a lot more than I did but I was going to learn.

This was interesting …

I was learning quickly but healing seem not existent. It was a painful realization of how badly my body and mind had been compromised and how long it will take for me come back. I knew I would never be the same but I wanted to get as close as possible. That meant getting back to riding the Wing.

I work hard all day with joy in my being but there was pain in my heart. I was deeply sadden during my first couple of weeks. I'd take the wheelchair down the hall in the evening after supper to seek a place of solitude for myself. Solitude provided me the place I needed for the dignity to cry at will and pour my heart out that I needed his help again. There aren't places here at the hospital get away but I found a place and time that I could be myself hidden away each night. There I sorted things out and he sort me out and we were talking again. I always felt better each night after that but it would take many such nights.

Last thing I did before turning in each night is read the forum and see everyones posts. I felt the love and care of everyone and it comforted me. I looked at the get well cards that came in and the drawing of motorcycles pin to the wall sent by the youth of my church. I see the Bonsai tree. I felt loved and that's a good feeling to go to bed with.