Oct 14' 2018 - Nov 13' 2018

Rehab Finish …

Yes, I had some serious limitations but Cottage Rehabilitation Center was all about encouraging its patients. I don't ever recall seeing any one working there without a smile on their face and a positive attitude. However, I knew the real world was much different. It wasn't lost on me what a great facility it actually was. My family did good research and I was reaping the benefits of a first class facility with good people who care and are armed with the latest equipment and technics. There were a few other places I could of ended up at but I didn't so I was thankful for what I had. I was rehabbing in Santa Barbara California after all and that was a good thing I could thank the Lord for.

To that end I did my part. I readied myself each day and showed up at the gym each morning 5 minutes before my scheduled PT appointment waiting to go. An believe me .. that was no easy task. For some patients their PT instructor had to go to their room and remind them they were scheduled for rehab. Not me … I was ready to go and willing to try what ever they suggested. I listen carefully to the advice they gave and did it without fail. I ask questions the way someone who was hearing things for the first time not someone 67 years old that felt I knew better. I practiced, worked hard even practice during the evening when time presented itself … like in front of the facility during my nightly jaunts. I made it my mission but after weeks of this there was very minute improvement. I started to wane as hope seem to fade despite my very best efforts. The one thing my father taught me was to always do my best at everything I do. Tough to keep riding forward when you don't see the road ahead. Fortunately, my PT instructors did not put up with in and they encourage me to press on. They said it could take a very long time and that reality didn't sit well with me. They knew … I had to learn to accept that hard fact. It was a necessity but what else could I do. It sunk in to my brain some more …. Resistance is futile … I had to trust the road was there and keep on riding.

The days at rehab are finally coming to a close when we are starting to talk about how to live and get around back in the real world. Showed us real problems we would encounter …

JPEG image
One fall in the bathroom and it would look like this … if you woke from your fall.
Who would think taking a shower could be a life and death event?

The facility had mockups of kitchen, laundry and bathroom. Everyone needed to learn how to interact again with safety being of utmost importance.

We started going out some to experience life on the outside.
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Dinner out with Jessica, David and the kids .. Being in a wheelchair out in public sucked!
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I went outside with Vanessa. She took me to an old Mission.
Even got a chance to hide the wheelchair in some of these pictures.

I was taken out driving a few times down to the beach area. I could practice my rolling around in my wheelchair up along the beach on a perfectly sunny day. Unfortunately, I was thinking about riding something else that had two wheels.

Jim (Arizona16) joined in the fun (2nd trip to visit) on one outing to get a burger and he experienced my pain in going through line at a busy Starbucks in the mall with someone handicapped with you. It was exhaustive both mentality and physically. I learned I had so very much to do and with very little energy to do it. Now … those 10 - 12 hour days riding on a road trip seem almost magical that they happen at all. I like to open up a time capsule on one of those days. It's going to be quite awhile I'm afraid.
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They have what is called your BRAVO day as a celebration of you rehabilitation and leaving. This is one of the Doctors that was in charge of my case. Dr. Sharon Basham.

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