Nov 13' 2018 -

Trip Home …

I had some serious concerns about going home. I was excited and terrified all in the same breath. If I stop and think about how far I had come I would say it was a miracle I was even here. It was a miracle for sure and as my PT instructor Nate said … I was a slow motion miracle!. That said I was worried … what else was new? … I had just spent my first month of my life living out of a wheelchair in a place where I never imagined I would be. The future looked pretty bleak to me at that moment . On the other hand I was finally going home and I wasn't in a coffin. My wife was flying out to escort me home and no doubt I would be better off around familiar settings and her love and care. It would be good to come home … Home is always good! Yong had the home setup for me.

My wife Yong and Nate guarding me against a fall while I experience what it was like to walk on my own. Granted it was only down the hall but it was a start. After a month the right hand wasn't much better. Felt like my whole right arm, shoulder and hand were just a dead weigh to be drug around where ever i went. My speech wasn't much better either and I hated to hear myself talk. My brain who knows? … Yong had sent me several pictures of us together throughout the 40 years of marriage and asking me if I remember it or not? I did for the most part least normal forgetfulness for a 67 year old man. I didn't want to think my brain (memory) was affected but I was starting to accept it. Least it was probably one of the many areas that substainn damaged. Everything on my dominate right side of my body was affected head to toe. I drug it all home with me it … after all it was the next best version of me. The new norm was going home.

Going out into the real world again like this was scary. I didn't sleep that night. We had to leave at 4:30 a.m. and we had to go through one of the busyness airports in the world … Los Angels International. Checked out the facility the day before and we got pickup and are on our way at to the airport at 4:45 a.m. Talk about stressful and I'm in a wheelchair! Fornatuately Jessica and Yong had everything planned. My job was to get my bladder to Tennessee with few if any pitstops since it was a hassle. I brought a diaper if it became a necessary. It didn't. Plan for the worse. We had hired the airport wheelchair agencey to get me to the gate and I would use the walker to get to my seat. We were sucessful despite being singled out by TSA as needing extra screening. It was a pain but I understand. Even an old man in a wheelchair can poise a threat. I respect him for doing his job. Everybody should.

Did I mention I hate Airports and Flying as much as I love Riding and Writing. I like to be in control and I never feel that that when I'm in an airport or up in the air. Riding a motorcycle or Writiing about motorcycle riding … that is what gives me control.

It was a direct flight to Nashville, Tennessee where it snowed the day before. Welcome home to Winter.

Welcome home to Yongs modfications. She was ready for me! A deck addition and bars to prevent falling.

We made it home! …. this is me a few days later wondering around out front. I'd be doing a lot of that
Yong thought it more fashionable to put right hand tucked into the jacket pocket out of sight. I knew it would become one of the most critical parts of recovery. For now let it rest.

I look mean! Because I left this in California!

This is the prize if I work hard. I could win this beauty! It will be my goal until riding is a reality again. Whatever it takes!

It will be a very long recovery road and unfortunately the road goes through here.

My new Residents

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