Saturday, Oct 13’ 2012

Well … as Yogi Berra used to say … it was “Deja Vu All over again” for me today. How is it possible on this day I would once again be pulled over by LEO for … yes passing on a double yellow line … AGAIN! This is the third time for the same offense in the last two years. First time got a ticket … second time a warning now what’s going to happen this time. Zeezzzz Here’s how it went down.

It was my typical Saturday ride solo on the Wing and this time riding way down south of Dover, Tennessee in search of some new roads and checking out the falls colors. I had left early morning and covered about 300 miles and found some excellent new roads, beautiful cool fall day and some awesome foliage. As I was winding my way near home around 5 pm, actually only about 10 miles away, I just couldn’t fight off to urge to make one final loop around the area here rather than head straight home. Funny, but it always seems when you change your riding plans just to squeeze in a little more riding you set yourself up for something to happen that wouldn’t have happened if I’d otherwise went ahead and went home. You just never know.

At any rate I gassed up the bike again and started riding my familiar loop as the sun was setting. I know this road very well and seldom ever seen a cop on it. As I was just about to approach the best curvy section of this road there’s a sharp 90 degree turn. What’s worse is that there’s a very slow moving car that I get behind in that turn. At the conclusion of this 90 degree turn theres a good little stretch of straight road, in fact the last straight part of this road for quite awhile. There was good visibility ahead however there was a double yellow line. This was going to be my last chance to pass this guy and I wasn’t going to miss it. The interesting thing is the guy in the car seemed to want me to pass and had slowed way down and had moved over slightly to the right. Least that’s how I interpreted it although it’s true I was going to pass him regardless. There really wasn’t anywhere for him to pull over even if he wanted to. I glanced ahead all was clear and out I went to go around him. Just as I get out from around him and into the other lane I see a Sheriffs car way up ahead edging out on to the road we are on. It is without a doubt the most unbelievable worse timing ever in human history. He’s got the perfect view of me passing this guy on a double yellow line. All I can do is continue my passing move and get back into my lane ahead of the slow moving car. The cop pulls out on to our road and turns toward me going in the opposite direction. We glance at each other as he passes but he makes no gestures nor did he flip his lights on. I can hear in my mind the guy in the car behind me now screaming for justice wondering if the cop is going to turn around and chase me down. I quickly turn the next corner and then a few more wondering if he’s on the way back to me.

Up ahead there was a fire trail pull out that I normally stop at when I’m on this road and I went ahead and stopped as I had planned to do even before this incident occurred. After I park the bike and gotten off and removed my helmet I glance up to see his car with the lights on pulling in behind me. My heart sinks as I guess he didn’t view my maneuver the way I did after all. As he gets out and starts walking towards me I immediately ask what was wrong. He says I passed on a double yellow line. I explain yes but that the vehicle had indicated to me, probably before he saw either one of us, that we wanted me to pass. I explained that it had always been my experience when you are behind an extremely slow moving vehicle and they motion for you to pass and move to the right even if it’s on a double yellow line it was ok to do so. Yeah it sounded good but the LEO, Office Bryant, kindly explained that regardless of all that it’s still illegal to pass on a double yellow line … period. I quickly conceded his point and explained that I wasn’t trying to be argumentative but only trying to explain my thinking as to why I did what I did. We continued our discussion and it quickly became clear he was only going to give me a warning and not a ticket. Whew …. I couldn’t help but have a good laugh at my own stupidity and good fortune … again … after we said our goodbyes and he drives away. I’m even wondering if the only reason he turned around and pulled me over was to show the other car that I had passed that he was taking some action even though he had no plans to give me a ticket. humm … if this keeps up I will know every Sherrifs officer in Stewart county. Ha … it will get awkward when the recognize me as the red cross guy that keeps showing up at the fires around here :-) My cover will be blown then … LOL

Zeezz … will I ever learn

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