This Web page is dedicated to Mrs Julie Hamilton’s 2nd Grade Class at Carden Traditional School in Surprise, Arizona - Feb 2011

Recently while I was on a road trip out west in Arizona I had the pleasure of volunteering at Carden Traditional School in Surprise Arizona with Mrs. Hamilton 2nd Grade class. It was a wonderful experience and I had a chance to meet and help out the kids and teacher by doing some small things around the classroom for a few hours a few days each week.

On my last day there just prior to me leaving to ride back to Tennessee each child wrote me a short thank you note with a picture thanking me for helping out their class. It was very nice and each of their papers were filled with interesting questions about my motorcycle and how I travel around on it across the country. Hence the idea to dedicate a web page off my site to those wonderful 2nd graders and try and answer some of their questions here so they could see them. I hope to stay in touch with them and share some pictures and things about my travels they might find interesting from time to time. I even provided a shortcut link on their classroom computer desktop called “Where’s Donnie” so they could go directly to a map of the USA where you can see where I’m at and where I’ve been. They thought that was pretty cool.

I thought they were pretty cool .... So here are the answers to your questions kids.

These were are all addressed to Mr. Donnie :-)

From Nathan ...”I want to see your motorcycle. It must be cool?”
Here’s a recent picture of my bike. I have owned it for 7 years and have ridden it 222,000 miles. Yes, it is way cool!

From Cameron ... “How did you ride on a motorcycle from Arizona and Tennessee?”

I rode very carefully and covered about 400 - 600 miles each day. Its like taking a long drive in your family car only on a motorcycle it is way more fun.

From Ashley ... “I hope you have a safe trip. I hope you love your trip.”

I did have a safe trip and I loved it. Thank you. I took my time and it took me 4 days to get back home to Tennessee

From Carter ... “I can’t believe you rode your motorcycle all the way to Arizona. How many states have you drove into? I wonder why you like your motorcycle?”

I have probably ridden my motorcycle through at least 40 states sometimes more than once. I like to ride because it’s exciting and fun. Kind of like riding the roller coaster at an amusement park.

From Cole ... “How many miles do you ride in one day?”

If I go for a short afternoon ride near my house ... maybe 200 - 300 miles. When I’m on the road traveling ... maybe 400 - 600 miles in one day.

From Victor ... “Do you drive your motorcycle around the world? What is your job? How many miles did it take to get from Tennessee and back?”

Not yet ... but if I could ... I would :-)

I served 20 years in the United States Air Force and then worked for IBM (big computer company) for 15 more years. Now I’m retired and having fun exploring life.

It’s about 1,625 miles from my home in Dover, Tennessee to your school in Surprise Arizona.

From Maka yla Allgodd ... “What do you do in Tennessee?”

I’m retired now so “I do” as little as possible :-) I visit and help out my family. I try to find time to help others.... And of course I ride my motorcycle as much as I can.

From Austin ... “What would Tennessee look like? You can tell me if it is nice or not?”

It is very nice! Here are some pictures from Tennessee. I took these while riding last year in the fall of 2010
The Open Road
View from my backyard
The Old Swimming Hole ... near Fort Donelson National Park in Dover, Tennessee

From Alexa ... “Do you live in Tennessee?”

Yes, I do live in Tennessee now ... but I was born in North Carolina and grew up in California.

From Tyler ... "Did you go to California?

Yes I went on a ride in Death Valley California and visited Badwater Basin 282 feet below sea level and then Dante’s Peak.
See if you can find me in the picture above. We had someone take our picture at the top of Dante’s Peak. These guys all ride a Gold Wing motorcycle like mine.

From Broone ... “Also thank you for driving from Tennessee to help us.”

You are very welcomed

From Tylan ... “Do you like Texas? I have never been to Texas. I have heard of Texas. I have been to California but not to Texas.”

Texas is a very large state and I like it because it was warm in the south part of Texas. Hope you can go there someday soon.

From Aimee ... “It must be a long trip back to Tennessee. Mrs Hamilton is also from Tennessee.”

It only took a few days by motorcycle to get back.
Yes, Mrs Hamilton is from Tennessee as well. I’m sure she misses it sometimes.

From Serenity ... “I wish you could stay.”

I wish so too ... but Mrs Hamilton will always be there with you.

From Madison ... "Have you been to Ohio? Have you been to New York? How many cities have you been to? Did you know I am moving to Idaho?”

I have ridden through Ohio once just a little.
I have not ridden to New York on a motorcycle yet
Many Cities ... too many to count.
I did not know you were moving to Idaho. That sounds like an adventure ... I’ve been through there and it’s pretty neat. Hope you enjoy it there.

From Aden ... “Do you like Tennessee? Did you have a nice time?”

I do like Tennessee and I had a great time in Arizona while I was there.

From Alycea ... “How do you ride your motorcycle to Arizona?”

It’s easy to ride if the weather is good. Not so easy to ride when it’s windy and rainy but I had great weather on the way back to Tennessee ... Sunny and Warm

From Sampson ... “Thank you for helping our class.”

You are very welcomed

From Mason ... “I hope you have a good life.”

Same to you Buddy!

From Konner ... “Do you climb up mountains? Did you ride your motorcycle to Illinois? I was born there.”

Sometimes I stop along the road and take the time to climb small hills and hike around. Great to be in nature. Check out the sketch below I drew while I was in Arizona. Can you see my motorcycle parked next to the road?
Feb 16’ 2011 after stopping along Vulture Mine Road just outside of Wickensburg, Arizona.

I have been through the bottom part of Illinois several times.

From Aiden ... “Thank You”

No ... Thank you and the entire class for all the Thank You notes, drawings and well wishes I received. I loved them and will miss you all. Best of luck.


I hope I answer all your question. I may have misspelled some of your names. Let me know if I did and I can correct it on the web page. If you don’t see your name and or questions listed I may have missed yours (couple of them had no names) so please let me know your questions and I will be glad to add them to this web page.

Keep working hard and listening to your teacher Mrs Hamilton.

Remember you can click on the “Where’s Donnie” shortcut on your classroom computer and see exactly where I’m at and the places I’ve been recently. Mrs Hamilton may have to help you with that.

Love you guys ...

Take Care

Donnie (a.k.a. Mr Donnie)
DonnieOnThe Road

============== Updated - Mar 9’ 2011 ==============

Mr. Donnie! We love our website!!!! It is awesome!! Thanks for answering our questions and posting pictures.

They still have questions for you.

From Mikey - Did you buy your bike? Did it cost a lot of money? Was it cool when you were a kid?

Yes I bought it new in 2004.
Yes it cost a lot of money but its like saving for anything you want.
It’s always cool to be a kid ... Do your work but enjoy yourself and have fun.

From Aiden A.- Do you have a car too?

Yes but it way more fun to ride the bike :-)

From Alycea- Do you have a wife and kids?

Yes her name is Yong and we have a boy and girl ... Jason and Jessica.
I also have a Grandson now his name is Travis. He’s almost one year old. Very Cool!

From Victor- What have you been doing since you have been back in Tennessee? How many lakes are in Tennessee?

Relaxing ...
Not sure how many lakes in Tennessee but the two nearest to where I live are Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley.

From Tylah- Do you have a pet?

Not at the moment. We used to have a couple of shelties. Their names were Lady and Sunny.

From Aden S.- Where are you going next?

Going ride some in Tennessee and neighboring states then come back out west in the summer.

From Nathan- Do you have a radio on your bike?

Radio ... sure ... but better than that I have my Iphone mounted so I can to hear my own music. You can also play ipod on the bike as well.

From Alexa- Do you ever take breaks to eat?

Yes ... to be able to ride long distances you have to eat good but sometimes it’s hard to stop riding.

Thanks for everything! We miss you!

You’re welcomed! ... Ditto!

Mrs. Hamilton's Class

Mr (Donnie)


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