Here’s a little history of my 2004 Wing but I'm in no way endorsing anything I did as a guarantee it will work the same for yours. Your results will vary

Oil ... I switched to Honda Synthetic Blend without Molly before I had 10K on the bike and continued to run that for most of the  7 years. I did switch to the Full Honda Synthetic (Red Bottle) about 6 months ago and that's what I run now. I change the oil between 4,000 and 6,000 miles.

Stock Suspension ... never did a thing with it ... always felt the bike handled fine. My 2004 Wing was part of the frame recall and I had that repair done without incident.

Front Handle Bar Wobble ... Early on I experienced this problem at low speeds (30 - 40 MPH) when removing my hands from the handle bars. Absolutely hated it. Changing tires seem to help but it always came back at some point. Acting on a tip from this board I had them put in the All Ball Bearings (100K) and have never had a problem with it wobbling at lows speeds since.

Tires ... I settled on primarily the Dunlop Elite III and ran those most of the time. However, I decided to give the Bridgestones a chance and put them on just prior to a recent trip and I have to say I like them and may switch over to them going forward. They just seem to stick better but I did have to air them up some .... 42 in the rear and 40 PSI in the front seem to work good for me.

Maintenance Issues ..... Few major items were the Left handlebar Instrument panel had to be replaced at about 150K, Alternator went bad around 175K and both the right handlebar instrumental panel and the left lower instrument panel were replaced at 221K. Batteries seem to last between 18 to 24 months so had a few of those. Minor issue with the front fort seal but never developed into anything serious.

Preventive Maintenance ... I don't do my own wrenching so I'm at the mercy of those that can. I will change the oil and filter but that's about it. I've had dealers I trust do all the work. I followed the Honda recommended schedule pretty much but there were occasions I missed items I'm sure. I always try to made it a point to talk to the guy who was going to do the work on my bike and let him know what I expected and what the bike means to me. Before I left for my last long road trip at around 195K I had the dealer perform the 24K major service tune up on the bike as that's what they were recommending based on the high number of miles.

Transmission ... Always has been a little clunky from the start but have never had any problems with it jumping out of gear or ghost shifting from 5th to 4th. I had the Rivco Heal Toe Shifter installed on day 1 as well and it's still shifting about the same as she always has and it has not caused me any problems. The Drive shaft propeller wore out at around 203K .. was still under extended warranty but Honda wouldn't cover it because they said there was no defect ... it just wore out. Cost me about $ 1,100 to get a new one. The final drive is still the original one and I haven't had a problem with that yet.

Coolant Hoses ... 222K. Two of them were leaking and causing the engine temp gage to rise. The rest of them (and there are many) were in such bad shape i.e. dried and brittle and all needed to be replaced. Hoses not covered under warranty. Cost me about $ 600 out of pocket.

Front Forks - Rebuild ... 223K. Had to have the front forks totally rebuilt after having the left one blow out and totally cover me and the bike in oil ... bushing, seals and put in some progressive springs.

Water Pump Replaced … 235K. More coolant leaking from under the coolant reserve tank. Pulled everything apart and Water Pump appeared to have gone bad and leaking coolant out of the Weep Hole. Replaced Water Pump.
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Underbelly ... Based on tip from GL1800 Goldwing board back in 2004 I installed a belly pan and I have to say when looking up at it after 7 years it has protected the underbelly from a lot of hits. Never had any issues with it causing any overheating.

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