Videos 2011 - 2018

These are short videos of mine recoded live after returning from a road trips …
They are short summaries of the these trips I took and a moment in time to remember.
Most of these I wrote stories about too … found here
My Road Trips

I mention peoples names and maybe their handle on the forum and the events that happen .. I don't think I said anything bad about anyone and hope no one takes offense.

May be too much of me for some people to stand … but they are here in case my kids and family want to know what their Dad did during his retirement. I sure wish had a video of my Dad and his thoughts recorded.

Before 2011 I was riding a lot but didn't start the video records until then.









My best friend since childhood, Russ, made a parody of DonnieOnTheRoad Videos.
Below is his video masterpiece imatating me … Very Funny! He has a Triumph.

This is my Grandson Travis experiencing his first motorcycle ride … This was taken just 2 weeks before I suffer a stroke …

I was so very proud to experience this moment … Now … I start over building my life post stroke ….